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Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Words

I love learning new words or terminology. Not that I use them but this one I just might!

Here's my new favorite term:

"social lubricant"

Did this just make a picture come to mind? It did for me when I heard it, and it wasn't necessarily a good picture. Entertaining, yes, but not good. HA!

So what is "social lubricant"?  You go to a social gathering and feeling the need to loosen up a bit you have a couple of drinks. You're a little more chatty this way, and you know you tend to have more fun. You're not drunk, but you are under the influence. The alcohol has become the "social lubricant".

But people can also be the lubricant.

You have a party and are trying to figure out who you're inviting. You know that Sue is always the life of the party. She's a lot of fun, and everyone likes her. You invite her to keep the party going. Sue is your social lubricant.

I bet you have some other fun examples of social lubricant. Wanna share?

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