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Friday, August 12, 2011


This is not Axel's birthday, it is his birthweek, and the celebrations are happening accordingly.

On Weds evening, after his halo removal, my friend Colleen had a birthday party him! Oh what fun we had! The best part of all (for me) was getting to meet some fellow parents of kids with DS who I've only known from the internet.

First there was the wading pool. Axel wasn't really supposed to get his head wet yet since his pin hole are still open, AND I wasn't ready to try changing his neck brace yet. We just pretended he wasn't "that" wet.

Skinny boy, ready to get wet!

Just try to tell me he wasn't ready to be in the water! You can see his bobble head impersonation too. LOL, Oh and do you think he was excited to be able to move his head?

You saw little Mark in the video. He's 3 1/2, and the next morning was going in for an MRI to determine how bad his AAI is, and weather or not he's going to nee surgery. Please keep him in your prayers!

Then it was time for the cake and icecream part. Last week I was looking back on my adoption blog, and found that at some time his foster family mentioned that they'd celebrated his 9th birthday for him. I don't know what the Serbian customs are for birthdays, so I don't know what all that entailed. At very least, this was his first American birthday with friends! He'd gotten to see Dean's, Angela's, my and Noah's birthdays with cakes and candles, and he clearly new what to do! Look how excited he was to have a day all about HIM!

I'm missing pictures of Baby Christian who came with his mom Lavette. He is just 2 months old and has DS. He is THE CUTEST BABY EVER!!!! Oh my gosh! It was nice to meet him and get my baby fix.

Thank you so much to Colleen and Nolan for all the help you've been to us. Colleen picks us up at the airport, drops us off at the hospital, brings us back to the airport, AND squeezes in fun stuff for us to do, not to mention planning this special day for Axel. Colleen's mom Dottie let us have the party at her house in her beautiful yard, which was so niche and relaxing. And Maureen and Lavette, thank you too for adding to Axel's special day!

Now, the birthweek isn't done yet. We have more to come this weekend!

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Imogen said...

Oh how I am crying happy tears! I have been in hospital having surgery, and over this past week Axel was often on my mind. I am home again now and able to sit up with my laptop, so of course I HAD to come here to check on how he is doing. Big tears are literally streaming down my face. I am so happy for Axel and for you. He looks SO happy!! Bless, bless, bless!! I can stop 'worrying' about him now lol. GO AXEL!