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Monday, August 08, 2011

Just tired

It's been SO hot here. Heat index over 100* more days than I can count. Pretty much the entire month of July, I think. Because Axel's entire upper body is encased in lambs wool, there have been very few days he can spend time outside more than just going back and forth to the car.

A couple weeks ago I was rummaging for something in the garage when I found this stroller. We bought it for Angela when she was about 8 or so, so she could push her baby dolls around the yard. She needed really close supervision though because she would either give it a big shove done our VERY long, steep driveway, push it over the cliff on the side of the driveway, or shove it into the pond. Stinker!

I brought it out for Axel (wondering if I was setting myself up for the same problems!) knowing that he would love to push it around the yard.

How right I was! The few days it's been nice enough for him, he has spent HOURS with the stroller and the baby I brought out for him. Sometimes he stops and leans in to talk to the baby, "Badee wandaeelbyeabphe....K?" Gives her a gentle kiss and off they go again.

Yesterday wasn't too bad, but today has been PERFECT! Again, Axel has spent hours with his stroller. Finally he pulled up a chair to watch Papa weeding a flower bed. He sat here for a good half hour before deciding he was tired and came into the house. It's a lot of work lugging that halo around. Soon Buddy....soon it's coming OFF!


Kathie Brinkman said...

that is the absolutely sweetest thing in the world. can't wait for him to be able to run and play in complete freedom.

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