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Friday, March 19, 2010


No, I don't have any, but I owe you a TON! I have them! Actually I have several very funny posts sitting in my draft file, all of which include pictures, but I am behind, and getting even further behind. I'm kind of hoping I'll get caught up on the plane with wifi. LOL

In the meantime, I'm going to give you some links to old posts to make you smile.

There was the case of the extremely permissive parent who let her child wear some questionable attire to school. Seriously, who would DO this?

Then there was the post about gun control laws, and the zero tolerance policy most schools have put into place. Seriously, I think they're taking things a bit too far. (when you get to this post, it will look A LOT like the one about the extremely permissive parent, just keep reading and you'll understand why.)

This one isn't funny as it is fun. How can you not smile at this?

How about the post where the parent tortured her teens complete with evil laughter? Seriously who could make this stuff up?

This post is every parent's nightmare. It's called "Teaching your child to drive".

Want to be inspired to step out of your comfort zone? This might do it for you!

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Lund7 said...

I just read your last post....your trip sounds amazing and exciting! I will definitely be praying for you!!!

I miss pictures on your blog too! And I miss having coffee with you! Let me know when it works out to get together...I realize you are so busy. We are around for most of spring break!