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Friday, March 26, 2010

Surgery and time

I had surgery this morning to have ear tubes placed. Normally for an adult this is something that can be done in the office. Unfortunately, because I have Menieres Disease, the local anesthetic affects the middle ear as well, which would have my laying flat on the floor very quickly with the world spinning around me. So, instead I did it with the little kids. LOL

Ok, my ears are KILLING ME tonight! I still have that "underwater" sound, and was told I would for a week or so. And, to top it off, I'm very dizzy. Really-- I don't have TIME for dizzy! I'm leaving for Serbia and Bulgaria on the 5th, and there is A LOT to do! I have about 90 pounds of toys and supplies to pack, three chapters of Algebra to do, a research paper, and three essays to write! All by Friday. Really...I don't have time.

BUT--I won't be in excruciating pain when I fly, which is why I had it done! And that makes it all worth it right there.

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JennyH said...

dizzy sucks!! Hope it has gone away by now.