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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Living out of an overnight bag

I have two HUGE suitcases that I'm getting ready to ship to Shelley. Once she has them they will be STUFFED FULL of wonderful things, donated by many very generous people here in the US for the families in Bulgaria!

We'll be lugging SEVERAL HUGE SUITCASES between us...I mean like 4-6 HUGE things... (and Shelley promises me once out of the US we won't have to walk with these things!) That means for actually living out of, we're going to be using carry-on bags.


For two weeks.

I'll be posting our dates soon. I can't wait. Well, I CAN, because it means I have to get a lot of work done for school BEFORE I leave, and I have one professor who is NOT happy that I'll be missing two weeks of classes. Granted, he has no idea what I'm doing or why I'm going. For all he knows it's a "vacation". Yep, just gonna plop myself in Serbia for a couple of days, just for fun, and maybe rub elbows with adoption officials there. Then hop on plane to Bulgaria to see the sites. Oh, know...pick up Shelley's new son out of the institution he's been living in, and meet with a group of families who've been told their child has no value and should be in the same institution Shelley's son is coming out of. know...delivering all these HUGE SUITCASES FULL OF STUFF to them, and showing them what in the world to do with it all! And all of that crammed into a few very short days, with lights of flights in between!

Yep...sounds restful.

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