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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sweet Nothings In My Ear

Terri, over at Terri's Special Children Blog posted about an upcoming movie. Being an interpreter, this one is close to my heart, and a struggle I've seen played out in many families.

"Sweet Nothings In My Ear"
is the story of a couple facing a difficult decision. Suppose your child was deaf, but could have an operation (not without risk) that could make him hear again?

Dan Miller (Jeff Daniels) and his wife Laura (Marlee Matlin) only wants what's best for their happy and healthy 8 year old son Adam, who's been deaf since age 4. Laura opposes the surgery - a cochlear implant. Being deaf she doesn't consider it a disability, and believes an operation, regardless of outcome, would make Adam feel that something was wrong with him. However Dan, who can hear, misses talking and listening to his son. For him and operation is worth the risk, believing Adam's life would be easier and more complete if he could hear.

This is a devoted family facing a moment of truth. Together or apart, Laura and Dan must make a life altering decision on behalf of their son. You won't want to miss this powerful presentation from the Hallmark Hall of Fame on Sunday April 20th, 9/8c on CBS.

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