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Friday, April 25, 2008

I won't do it! (said with arms crossed and foot stomp)

See this thing? It's a wallpaper scoring tool.
I have probably bought 4 of 'em in the last few years. I REFUSE to buy yet another, but...umm...where is the one I was using a few months ago? After my post about the list of projects that need to get done, I decided I might as well get to work on the kitchen. I got out my scraper, got out my DIF (I swear by that stuff for wallpaper removal, especially when there are TWO layers to remove!), and was all set to start. Except for the small problem of finding the darned scoring tool!

Some people say, "Don't score it! It'll take forever to get off!" I find this to NOT be true, but ONLY if the tool is used correctly. Used with too much pressure, and yes...the paper will come off in bits and pieces and it'll take you forever. Well, that and the fact I have two layers to get through. If you have two layers you can get your DIF (some people prefer to use plain water, but I like my DIF) down to the bottom layer.

Anyway, I'm now on a hunt for the thing. I've got the urge to work on this project NOW, but that could be very short lived so I need to do it while the urge is there! LOL

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