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Thursday, November 01, 2007


That's what I feel like the past week. Like someone suddenly crapped on my calendar and now I have to try to keep up with it! Here's what I've done the past week.

Got the kid wired for a 3 day EEG. (here's a video link of her explaining it) This means her wearing a computer wired to her head with 50 gazillion wires for 3 days. In order to get them off her head and out of her hair she had to soak in the tub for about an hour with shampoo. Have I mentioned that she no longer likes the tub? Good thing she wanted those wires off!

Clean up puppies. Give them worming medicine, and weigh them. Oh, and change their ribbon collars every other day because they grow so dang fast. One has to also WATCH the cute puppies, because their cuteness is so darned cute! Also I need watch their personalities develop so I can later match them to their families. Whenever I go downstairs I find Dean snuggling with puppy. How sweet is that?

Ran a dog to the vet to get stitches out her her c-section scar, only they also needed to clean the wound. My truck smelled like I had a dead animal in it!

Play rehearsal every night. and it's not for me, it's for my dogs!!!

Clean up after puppies.

Bathing dogs. Both the dogs in the play are white. If they go outside together they wrestle and turn black. It never fails that as I'm getting ready to leave for rehearsal I find a dog who's not the color he/she is supposed to be and I have to bathe him/her. My dogs take a lot of work to bathe, then blow dry with my 8 horse power masterblaster. I could snow blow my driveway with this thing!

Clean up after puppies.

Shave a dog. Zurri needed an otherworldly type haircut for the play. Dudley isn't getting one because he takes too long to grow back, and I don't want to embarrass the poor dog. Zurri could care less.

Clean up after puppies.

Sew Santa pants for the dog. We've run into an interesting problem having Dudley on stage. Ummm...he gets a little nervous up there! When Dudley gets nervous, he feels submissive and...well...things POP OUT!!! Yeah, so he needs Santa pants to keep everything covered. (Dean suggested TAPE, but I think that would be like a guy having tape put on his foreskin. OUCH!!!!) Anyway, I almost forgot about the Santa pants. He's been wearing Christmas boxers the last couple of rehearsals, but tonight is our final dress rehearsal with tomorrow being opening night. So I'm going to run some errands then get to work on the sewing machine.

Make an antler for the dogs THAT WILL STAY ON!! You know, Max (the Grinch's dog) had a single antler on his head. I have made and re-made this thing about 10 times and finally got it right. Zurri wore it last night and it was very cute, even if it was flopping around looking like it was gonna fall off any second.

A couple days ago the right side of my chest hurt. I called my friend Kathy and asked what she knew about lung stuff, and of course she told me to get to the doctor. Well, I don't have insurance at the moment, and I don't have TIME for the doctor so didn't go. I'm still alive. I think I probably pulled a muscle or something in my chest. It still hurts a little bit but not with every breath like it did before.

Ok, gotta run get milk replacer for the puppies because it's time to start introducing it to them. YIPEE!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Leah :) I'm feeling guilty, I can barely keep up with Adam, not alone puppies and all that you have going!!!! Where is the play? Sounds cute, Adam loves plays!!! Hope things slow down for you :) and just think only 53 more days till Christmas!!YIKES!! Monica