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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And then there is Bulgaria

Don't turn your back. Don't skip this post. This is probably one you should read the most.

You read my post about the children in Serbia. Yesterday a friend of mine in the UK said there was a similar story aired there about Bulgaria. Here's a link to it. This is unbelievable. That this can happen in the year 2007, we should be ashamed. And if you want to turn your back because it's too difficult to look at the pictures, you should be even more ashamed. That's exactly what these governments are doing and look where it got these children.

You say, "But what can *I* do about it? Just me, here in the US, minding my own business? I'm not in any position to adopt a child." There are millions of us who are not, but we CAN do something. We can help to get even ONE child out. Click on the Reese's Rainbow button at the top of my page and find out how you can help get one child out.

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