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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Goodbye Red

That's it. It's over. The riding season, that is. I know people who ride all winter and I will not hide the fact I think they're nuts. It is COLD riding this time of year! Yes, a person could spend a gazillion dollars on the RIGHT equipment for cold weather riding, but I'm not one of 'em. So, Red is put away for the winter. If I'm lucky the mice won't be making nests in my saddle bags while she waits it out. It's at least 5 whole months before I'll be on her again. Poor thing! Maybe she could hang out in our warm basement instead? It's quite cozy by the fire!


Stephanie said...

when I read the title, I thought "what Leah dyed her hair red"...
5 months will go by in a flash!

Jan Steck Huffman said...

We used to keep the insurance so we could ride the New Years Ride in Indy. But that was "BN", a period I affectionately call "Before Nash". Now we have no Harleys, but look for a nice Roadking with Sidecar occaisonally on ebay.