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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's more than just pretend

So Angela has been coming along to play rehearsals with me. By the second rehearsal she had the entire script, score, and entrance cue for each character memorized, all very typical if her. She actually is very disappointed that she can't just go on stage with the kids in the cast and do what they're doing. After all, she knows the whole dance number!

The director of the play invited her to join SOS players which has a junior group. SOS Players is (for the older kids) a traveling theater group that is kids speaking to kids about social issues. Like drug use, respect, responsibility, handling stress, etc. It would be really cool if they can add some disability awareness too! They are all about fostering confidence and self awareness. Several of the kids in the Seussical cast are also members, so Angela will know some of the kids. They meet once a week, and I think she can start going this week. She's going to have so much fun!

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