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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ya know what would be cool?

First of all, there are people who read here who have put my voting page into their favorites, and they vote every day when they check their email. To you, I say THANK YOU!!! You've bumped me up to 11th place out of 270 bloggers (well, I think some have dropped out so it might be 230 something.) That is quite an accomplishment considering the contest has been going on a year and a half, and I've only been in it 6 weeks! Again, thank you!

There are only 46 mored days to vote. That is only 46 days to get 16,000 votes! While that seems an impossible task it's not! There are approximately 150 people reading my blog every day. If every one of you sent an email to 15 people in your address book, and asked them to vote for me every day for a week, that would put me in the lead as of today's numbers. If they voted every day for 2 weeks, I'd win.

Some of you who are reading belong to large groups, like biker groups. They might be interested in seeing blogs like this one. or even this Why not send everyone in the group an email, and ask them to vote if they like that blog.

Some of you might belong to parenting groups, and they might be interested in blogs like this

Scroll through my blog archive to the right. There's a little bit here for everyone I suppose.

1 comment:

jharootunian said...

Hi leah-
I vote for you almost daily!! Hope you win!
Jenny from downsyn