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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What Are you Wearing?

So, what cause are you supporting today? Are you being an advocate or an observer? Today I'm wearing my "My kid has more chromosomes than your kid" t-shirt.

A couple months ago I was wearing my shirt while on vacation. As I stood in line in the women's bathroom a woman about 60-ish scrunched up her face in a puzzled expression as she stared at my shirt. "What does the extra chromosome do for your kid?" I told her that's what causes Down Syndrome. "THATS what does it? An extra chromosome? I had no idea! You just never know what you're gonna learn in the bathroom!"

I thought this is a great example of how the vast majority of people have no idea what DS is. They have seen people with it, but the have no idea it has a name. Or they know it has a name but don't know what causes it. (I once had a NURSE put in one of Angela's charts that her DS was caused by exposure to cat litter!!!!)

If you're looking for some cool DS related stuff, go to cafepress and have a look around.

Speaking of days of the week, what did you do yesterday for Try it Tuesday? DON'T LAUGH!. I have always wanted to try a mango. Now, I've had juices that mango in them, but I've never had the fruit itself. I see it in the grocery store but never buy one, cuz...well..what do you DO with them? I don't even know if you peel it, or eat the skin, or stick a straw in it! So yesterday I googled "How to Mango" and pulled up a page that shows how to cut it, what not to eat, etc. Man, gotta love Google! Angela and I came home and enjoyed trying something new together.


Tom said...

I grew up on mangos; great choice! And I'll check out the T-Shirts.

LeeJo said...

I WANT that shirt!

the horwedel mcdonalds said...

next time, try peeling it with a potato peeler! heaven! AND you get more fruit that way