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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Army guys

For 6 months, 3 or 4 times a day, Angela has talked about Halloween, and every time has informed me that she's going to be Spiderman. The conversation usually goes something like, " month it is?"

Me: "It's July Angela. Remember we watched fireworks last week?"

Angela: "When's October?"

Me: "Lets count it..July August September October."

Angela: "Halloween is in October. I be Spiderman for Halloween. Lets go get a costume!"

So over the months when she's gotten really bored and I need to keep her occupied, I stick her on costume websites and let her surf. She always goes back to Spiderman.

Then a week ago something strange happened. Angela came home from school saying she wanted to be a monster. I thought this was pretty funny considering she HATES masks that don't look like a real person!

When I took her for the haircut the other day we had 1/2 hr to kill so we went next door to Walmart to see what they had. *I* was looking for Spiderman, but Angela was still talking about being a monster. That is...of course...until we GOT to the Halloween isle! She wouldn't even GO DOWN IT with those monster masks hanging there. We moved into the kids costume area and right away I found Spidey. "Here it is honey! Spiderman!"

"No...I'm not liking that. How about these?" ( dramatic arm sweep as she indicates the 3,000 other costumes.)

We started digging through the racks, looking for one her size. Then she found *IT*. "Here it is! An Army guy!!! YES!!! I want to be Army guy!"

I looked down at the pretty princess costume in my hand. "How about this one? Isn't it beautiful? It has a crown and everything, and look a wand thingy!"

"I'm not liking that. Yuck. I'm liking Army guy."

Army guy came home with us, and since Monday she's been wearing it every day after school. Last night just before bed she brought it to me all wadded up into a ball. "Take it back. It's too small."

"It's not too small Angela. In fact, it has just enough room for the snowsuit you'll need underneath it!"

"No, it's not. It's too small. Take it back ta Walmart. I wanna different one."

"Well, I'm not buying another costume. You picked the army guy, so the army guy it is."

(arms grossed, chin out) "Fine then! No Halloween. Nope..I'm not liking Army guy! He's gross. Blech (mock puking here) I know! How about Spiderman! You order it on the puter, not Walmart!"

I'll be glad when this Halloween has come and gone.


ann said...

Sounds like something Hope would do...ha ha. Has to go off the beaten path and pick something out in left field..he he. I made the executive decision (because I found them on sale..ha ha) that the girls would be cheerleaders. I bought them several months ago and vowed not to enter the costume eisle.

LeeJo said...

When Halloween is done will that mean just a few short months before perseverating on next Halloween? :-)