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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Special Oh-yimpicks

This was written by me awhile ago, in a combination of "Junie B Jones" style, and the way Angela really talks. Anything that's in " is the way she really says it, and words that are spelled phonetically are done so because that's the way she pronounces them. It's fun for me to put myself in her place once in awhile, and try to imagine what is going through her mind when we do things.

Hi! Last night I went to backicksball. It is fun and is Special Oh-yimpicks Backicksball. I watched the clock for when it is time to go. I said, "MOoooom! It is time a go!" and we got ourselves right into the van to go. When we drive there I like to watch the red and green lights. Sometimes I don't think that mom can see the red light change to green, so I tell her good and loud! "Mooom! GO already! Iss is green and that means GO!" Did you know you have to watch those lights very careful because sometimes they are an arrow and sometimes the are a circle. When we go to backicksball we have to have a green CIRCLE! The cars who are next to us have to wait for the arrow. Sometimes I tell them when it's time to go too. It's a good thing they have me to remind them.

When we get to backicksball we have to run around the gym. This is called warming up and Coach says it is very portant for muscles. Mom does not do warming up. She talks to Carly's mom instead. When I run around doing warming up I like to run with Chris. He is very old...maybe like about 20...and he looks just like me. There are a lot of kids at special Oh-yimpicks that look like me. Mom says they have Down Sinrum just like me. I don't know what that is, but I guess that means they look just like me and like backicksball too.

When warming up is done we do dribbing. Dribbing is when you push the ball and make it bounce off the floor right back to your hand. Only my foot keeps getting in my way and my ball bounces off my foot and then it goes in Chris' way instead of my way. That is called a pain in the neck and it bothers me. It makes me want to growling at the ball. Sometimes when I get mad at the ball I say, "Oh Biskits" because that word is ok to use at special oh-yimpicks. I like to say other words better, but then coach says, "Angela, take a seat on the bench please!" and I don't like that so very much. So I just say Biskits and Snap instead.

There is something that is really important to do at backicksball, and that is to help other peoples. It is important to help them if they miss the ball and sometimes you go get it for them. Some people can't run fast like me, so I help them out lots. I make sure to tell everyone, "Good job dribbing!" even when they are having a hard time with it. This is called sportsman like and it makes other people feel good.

When it's time to go home I'm wiped out. That means very tired and ready for a snack.

Tonight is dance class. Did you know we did it on a stage a couple weeks ago? I had a lot of nervousness but I did it! Now we are learning a new Jazz dance, and it is called, "I'm gonna wash that grey right outa my hair". I am in trouble with this dance because it is very hard. We have to dance with a towel swishing all over the place to the left, and to the right, and on my head, and my hand doesn't know how to grab the towel all of the times. My teacher said she will fix the towel for me this week. So, I'm gonna go eat my dinner now and then go to dancing class.


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Tom P. said...

Angela, you are too cool!!!! We love you!