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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sometimes, life just runs away with you! It's been very busy here the last few days. Lets see...Thursday evening my dog was in labor, so I thought. Friday morning still no puppies and a BIG problem. Noon, and emergency c-section for the dog. The outcome was 8 healthy puppies (7 girls, 1 boy!!!) and two dead ones. Mom is recuperating well and today is up and moving a bit more. Sometimes c-section dog moms have problems with their milk coming in, and we had some VERY HUNGRY PUPPIES!!! I was bottling each of them to keep their blood sugar up, but not too much so they'd still try to nurse. Saturday morning when I got up her milk was in!! Evidenced by the fact if I even THOUGHT about touching one nipple she was squirting like a cow!!!! (sorry for the details.)

I have a lot of fun with my dog website. I have a daily puppy journal (a dog blog. LOL) a pregnancy tracker page (which is thankfully now completed) and then each puppy has his/her individual pages that gets updated each weeks to their new family can watch them grow. My puppy families love the website (I can tell by the hit counter! LOL) and I love watching their excitment, especially as the puppies get closer to going home!

Here's a video of the new babies.

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Tom said...

Very cute puppies.. makes me wish we could have a dog in our place.