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Thursday, October 06, 2011

This IS their plan A!

Many of you know that I've spent a lot of time in Serbia in the past 18 months. On my first trip, in April 2010, I walked these halls...

I met children who waited.....

And I met others who had already given up. Turning their minds inward, shutting out the world.

It was among these very same walls that I met Ianna, the child we will never stop praying for, who we  hope to someday add to our family.

And I also met this beautiful little boy. We'll call him "P."

He has the biggest dark eyes ever; big enough to swim in, I'm sure. They captivate you. P. was one of the children who were advocated for on Reece's Rainbow. Unfortunately after our adoption it was realized that the posting of Serbian children on any photo listing site was a violation of Serbian privacy laws, so all the children were removed. But not before his family found him!!!!

 Meet Brianne and Jay R.

They are a young couple with a background in special education who have decided to start their family through adoption. This is their "Plan A"! Not only have they stepped forward to be P's mom and dad, but they're almost there! Last spring, although there was some initial confusion, Jay and Brianne were able to work directly with the Serbian ministr to confirm that P. is indeed registered for international adoption, and they have already been given "pre-approval" to adopt him! They spent the summer completing their home study and it is now ready to send to Belgrade for translation. That means that in approximately three weeks they will be given a travel date! This actually puts them on the same timeline I was on for Axel's adoption, so they should be traveling by the end of November.

 But they need our help. Because of the confusion surrounding Serbian adoption over the last few months, many families were afraid to get their hopes up or do anything in the way of fundraising. The Serbian ministry has worked hard to verify the status of every child on the list and work with the families who are coming for them. Suddenly families are preparing to travel! The R's  have very little time to come up with the last of their funds. But guess what? We can help them get P. home for Christmas! Do you remember this video? Taken on December 15th, 2010?

Jay and Brianne could be  making that very same video with P. BEFORE CHRISTMAS! What a wonderful Christmas gift that would be for a little boy who has never, in his life, know the love of a family.

So here's what I'm going to do.....

Over there on my left sidebar, there is a Chipin for the R. family. All you have to do is click on it and enter an amount you feel you can contribute. It's that easy!
*note* this adoption is not connected in any way to any organization. All contributions go directly to the family. 

Now, some of you know that I have been messing around with scultping lately. Nothing exciting of course, but it's been fun, and I've been wondering what to do with these things that are now taking up space on my kitchen windowsill. Now I know.....

For the 10th person to contribute $20, I will send you this little guy. He is about 2 1/2 inches tall. The colors of the heart on his chest are the Autism colors, made because P. is diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

For the 50th contributor of ANY amount (technically that means you could win more than one item!) I will send you this cute little guy. He is about 2 1/2 inches tall, and is constructed out of the DS colors.

To the 75th contributor of any amount, I will send you this cute, but naughty little kitten, adorned with a ribbon in the DS colors.

No, these are not expensive items, nor are they highly sought after electronic gadgets. They're handmade by little 'ole me, with love. But I'm not done! Please help spread the word by posting this on your blogs and your Facebook pages the leave a comment here and perhaps my fingers can find the time to make something for your windowsill as well. ;-)

In the meantime, you can hop on over to their blog, and watch the story of P. and his new family unfold. 

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