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Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Axel has Shingles, aka Herpes Zoster, aka re-activated Chicken Pox. Lovely. It's cramping my schedule. Fortunately we discovered it very early and got him on the anti-viral medication so it didn't progress to the painful infection it usually is. He's just itchy. (this pic does not do the rash justice. It is more red and inflamed looking, and now a little blistered.)

With shingles, since its not an airborne rash like chicken pox, it can only be transferred by skin-to-skin contact. That means as he's been on meds for 24 hours and the rash can be covered he can go to school. So yesterday day he got to go to school....for a whole hour! That's when he started showing up with a few spots on his face and the back of his neck. Back to school I go.

We came home and did some school stuff. The last time I worked with Axel, he was able to count 10 objects consistently, 12 was a little shaky. I haven't really worked with him on it since school started. Wow! Yesterday he easily counted 15 objects, and 20 with one correction. We also did some writing yesterday and he's doing a great job with many of his letters!

So we have this new video monitor, which I am LOVING! We're learning lots of secrets about Axel. ;-) At the moment he's in his room playing. First, he set himself up doing a counting activity with 20 objects, which he then adjusted and changed it to a pattern activity. You know, since he's having trouble with that concept and all. Then he had his bear do some sight word flash cards, and now he's putting playing cards in order. I guess I don't need to worry about working on school stuff today, since Mr. Independent already took care of that.


Tamara said...

What a sponge!!! That's really awesome news. I'm so happy to see him thriving - especially in spite of the shingles -

Milena said...

That's hilarious! Not the shingles, but Axel's homeschooling himself :-) Cute!

Becca said...

My husband had shingles a year or so ago. Not. Fun. Glad you discovered it quickly in Axel! So cool that he's going through all of his work on his own! Samantha always surprises me more than I thought possible when we watch and listen to her when she doesn't know we're doing it. :-)