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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Because I want it

All three of our home computers are Macs, and we also have an iPad and an itouch. We (o.k. "I") love our electronics. And I will not lie, when something new comes out, I kinda want it, and usually "want" somehow becomes close to "need" in my head.

I've been with the same cell phone carrier for 10 years now, with the same phone number then entire time. Dean lets me deal with cell phone stuff, and he too has had the same phone number for many years. I really do like Sprint, and have never had a problem with them. Where we live, Sprint has the best coverage, and the unlimited data package is great for both Dean and I.  I have no desire to change carriers.

Except for one teeny tiny little detail.

I want an iPhone. I like my HTC Evo well enough, but I really want an iPhone, since it has all those apps that I want! You know, so it fits in with all the rest of our stuff here. A few days ago I was comparing prices for family plans if I were to switch to AT&T or Verizon, and I wasn't really very pleased with what I found. For the amount of data we use every month, Sprint's plan is the most cost effective. But there is that iPhone thing....

Imagine my glee when, while searching cell phone plans, I discovered a rumor that Sprint was going to start offering the iPhone 5 with unlimited data to current customers, and regular data plans for new customers, with pre-sales that would start sometime this week. Since today was Apple's release date of the iPhone 5, I dug all over the net to find out if this was true about Sprint. Apparently it is. I called my local store, and learned that they will be offering pre-sales of the iPhone5, and my name was added to the list of those offered early notification of those pre-sales. So that's like pre-pre-sale sales....I think.

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jjpsmommy07 said...

I too love the Iphone! I waited and waited and finally upgraded in June to the HTC EVO. While I am happy with the EVO I was overjoyed when I just found out that there will be an Iphone for Sprint around oct 14th. And you better believe that I am getting one. I will give my EVO to the 14yr. old. I can't wait. I love my MAC and now I will have an Iphone. Well I hope the price isnt outrageous.......