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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Axel's phrase of the day

Have I mentioned Axel's language is exploding? Every day he comes up with something that either blows us away or totally cracks us up. Sometimes both simultaneously. LOL

I should put a key at the top of my blog, something like anything in conversations that is in "..." is spoken and anything italicized is signed, because our conversations around here are quite mixed!

Today we had just arrived home from the pumpkin patch. I flopped on one couch, Dean on another, and Axel on the recliner, which is kind of turned away from where I was sitting so to look at me Axel had to turn in the chair.

(picture Axel, hanging over the arm of the chair.) "Mom."

"Yes Axel."

fart ....(insert long pause while he thinks hard)...... need bathroom 

"Well, then you'd better go!"

Ok, this was one of those "crack us up AND blow us away" things. First of all, the sign he used for "fart" is not one I've taught him. We use a different sign, so this is one he brought home from school. Second, he signed, "NEED bathroom." Now, I have asked him before, "What do you need?" or "Do you need to go to the bathroom?" but I've not modeled a sentence such as, "I need bathroom", so he learned that at school. Third, this just plain CRACKED US UP for obvious reasons!

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