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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Look back with me

In April 2010 I traveled to Serbia, knowing my life would be changed, but not really knowing how. As the words of the song so adequately say, "I saw what I saw and I can't forget it..."

I vowed to not let anyone, certainly my blog readers, forget these children are out there.  I don't know of anyone advocating for  the fatherless of Serbia to find families. People, there are many. I have personally 50 or so, and seen hundreds. HUNDREDS. But because Serbia's laws are different than the laws of other countries. Posting pictures of Serbian children on photo listing sites is illegal. I guess that means they're not worthy of advocating for. Maybe it's really because there is no money to be made since their pictures cannot be listed.  Even families who have already adopted from Serbia are silent.

My heart aches for the children of Serbia. I will have more posts about the issue coming soon. I've been working on them for awhile, my life is just very busy with school, my kids, and life in general. In the meantime, there is one Serbian child you can help RIGHT NOW. Little P.

I can tell you that Little P. sleeps in one of the many rooms in the orphanage that are identical to this

I can tell you that he eats his meals in at a little table in a hallway. See them? Way down at the end of the hall? Between 8-15 children sit around those tables, eating a rushed meal, hurried along by caregivers who have other things to do. 
Their food is put before them already prepared, already portioned. The children never see a kitchen; never see where food is kept or prepared. They don't see a refrigerator full of food. There is no such thing as a "grocery store" in their vocabulary. They've never seen such a thing. 

I am incredibly grateful for the funds received Little P. so far. In fact, the little bear has found his way to a new windowsill! Sadly, we're still far behind our goal....35 contributors away from my being able to give away another figurine. Will he find a new home??  I know he will, because God is bigger than this, and I know He intends to get P. home, and we....all of us who are reading these words right now...You....You who feel as if you want to turn away and let someone else worry about these kids because you don't have time...... you, me, we are all conduits to getting Little P. home.

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