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Saturday, October 08, 2011


 I get migraines about every two weeks like clockwork, and they knock me down for three days straight. I function through them because I have no choice, but that level of "functioning" leaves much to be desired. Being upright, in daylight, is a major undertaking, much less getting the kids to the bus, or myself to one of my own classes. Understanding physics concepts just isn't happening on those days. (who am I kidding? It's not happening most days!)

So about 18 months ago I finally got fed up enough to see a doctor and start taking medication for my migraines. One of the side effects is that in the first few weeks you could feel "a little foggy". I think that first week is when I lost my car...for an hour and a the parking lot at the Mall of America. That was when the reality show "Mall Cops" was on the air and I kept waiting for the guy to come around the corner on his bike but he never showed up....sigh....

After a few weeks all the side effects went away. While the medication got rid of my migraines all together,   I started having problems with my esophagus, and we weren't sure if they went back to this medication so I stopped taking it. Well, if you've been reading here for the last six months or so you know I've been going through a diagnostic process. One of the things I did find out is the medication had nothing to do with what was going on. So, this week I started taking it again.

Let me remind you of the side effects that can happen the first few weeks you're on this medication. It can make you, "a little foggy".

Tonight I was talking to a friend on Facebook. Dean was out on the porch having a smoke and I went to tell him something, only he wasn't there. Hmmmm...Did he go to bed without saying goodnight? (We have an unwritten rule about that.) I went into the bedroom and flipped on the light but he wasn't in there. Well what in the world....Maybe he's in the shower? I went downstairs and he wasn't in there either. Where in the world did Dean go? It was about that time he walked in the front door...with the ice-cream he'd gone to the store for. Oh yeah. I forgot he was going to the store for ice-cream.

My entire day was like that. I spent most of the day studying for a physics test which will take place on Monday. Only I'd be working on one problem, only to find myself working on a totally different problem. I really don't hold out much hope of passing this test.


AZ Chapman said...

This sounds really scary I hope u are ok

Hevel said...

Fingers crossed for that test and I hope the fog will lift very soon.