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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trying again

Since Axel and I never made it to his check up in Philly last week, we're going to try again today! LOL Maybe THIS plane will have functional landing gear? I'm anxious to see how his neck xray looks, and hear what the surgeon has to say about his once beautiful but now very funky looking hip scar (from where they took the bone graft.)

And Axel has a new skill now: Banging his head while sleeping face down! UGH! I can't even explain how he's doing this. He used to do it before his surgery, but we didn't think it would be possible with the halo on (and were secretly hoping the halo would break the habit!) But twice in one night we heard the strange noise coming from his room, only to go in and find him arching his back at the waist to slam his face into the mattress. Can you imagine???? UGH! He's going to really mess up his head! My friend's little guy was also a head banger and had MOVED his halo (pins and all!) in his head! OMG I can't even imagine.

So, off to Philly we go!


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Prayers for a easy and uneventful trip.

Oh..that head banging into the mattress in the halo..yikes :(