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Friday, July 01, 2011


I don't get it...

Today I read on yet ANOTHER blog about a family getting to their child's orphanage for the first time, meeting with the orphanage director, and have NO IDEA what was being said! WHO is arranging for these "translators"?

I don't get why, if people are paying for translators as part of their facilitation fee, WHY are they having to sit through meetings with orphanage staff or other important events, with their translator right there, and they have NO IDEA what is being said? How many blogs have I read this on? Too many to count! And yes, I know how translating services work! I was an interpreter for 20+ years. What a rip off these people are going through. What a JOKE that they're paying for this service and yet not getting it, and feeling like they have no way to advocate for themselves.

Just say'in.....


Linnea said...

I feel like the APs probably wont say anything wither, at least most. When we were going through our Russian adoption( that never ended up being) the agency we used Kids to Adopt(which is corrupt!!) had us scared s*less. We were to ask no questions, we were to never complain or question, or they would take our child away from us(which KTA did). Our eyes were focused on the child we loved and wanted so much so we dare not step out of line. Sad. :(

BE blessed


Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Oh Ashlee! That's so sad. And worst of all, quite common.

Families have a right to know what is being said in their presence.