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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Philly or bust? BUST! Pt 1

At this moment, Axel and I are supposed to be in Philadelphia, sitting in the office of his spine surgeon. We're not. We're sitting in my bed at home, him watching Nickelodeon, me dealing with the airlines.

Let me back up a bit. When this appointment date was set and I had flights scheduled, the ended up not allowing for much time at the clinic! We were flying in Weds evening, Thursday had an 8:00 a.m appointment, then would need to leave the clinic by noon to make our flight home. (I didn't book the flights, by the way.) But guess what? The clinic was going to accommodate that! We'd have the check up, and new xrays taken, go over the xrays then get the run for the airport. NO.ROOM.FOR.ERROR, but we would make it work.

Then, a few days ago, the incision on Axel's hip where the bone graft was taken started looking funny. What had been a beautifully healed incision, 100% closed and looking like a much older scar, started to open at one end. It's just a very small area which has gotten a little bigger each day. There is also a large lump under the area. Angela did something similar years ago when she reacted to sutures. (and it wasn't pretty, nor easy to deal with!) So..hmmm...this was going to take more time at the clinic, I just knew it. Not sure how that's gonna happen!

So yesterday morning I'm running around getting a few things done, putting a bag together for us (only need a carry on. YES!) etc. I also have to bring a wheelchair and walker back to shriners, so I went to load those in the car. That's when I discovered the wheelchair was missing a critical part! It's the seat pad. UGH! Where could it BE? The chair doesn't stay OPEN without this! Dean was the last one to load the chair in the car after one of Angela's softball games, he must have left the cushion on the ground or something. Yes. Dean was at fault. I called him and asked if he knew where it was. He had no idea. I had a small tantrum on the phone, "I have to bring this back, without a PART! How do I explain THAT? It had to be you who left it, because you loaded the chair, I loaded the kids." 

And HOUR was spent looking for that cushion. To top it off, Dean was supposed to be home at 1:00 to get us to the airport by 1:30. I needed to exchange some leftover Euros because I am flat broke at the moment and needed whatever cash I could pull together, so needed some extra time to stop at the airport currency exchange. 

At 1:30 Dean still wasn't home. In fact, he had a ways to go. I wasn't happy, and I made sure he knew it. It was not one of my better wifely attitudes that was displayed. 

About 5 minutes before Dean walked in the door, (at 1:50! GAH!)  I had a realization. THIS wheelchair doesn't have that cushion. OUR wheelchair, which was left at Shriners, has the cushion! THIS chair was just fine, with all pieces accounted for. OMG! When Dean came home the first thing I said was, "I owe you an apology. The chair is fine. The cushion is at Shriners." I should have added, "And I suck as a wife."

To be continued......

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