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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What can you do with a halo on?

Axel's halo causes him to be very hot! The vest portion, which covers his torso from his shoulders to his hips, is lined with lambs wool. It never comes off, and he cannot take a bath or anything until the entire halo comes up. We have had some very hot days here, which means no going outside for him because he would absolutely miserable!

On the more average days (and we've only had a handful of them!) we pretty much stay inside until around 5:00 or so when the temperature is starting to drop a little bit. The evenings are PERFECT for him to be out. It's been a challenge to find things to keep him occupied, and moving, without encouraging him to run. He *really* wants to run. The poor kid, he's been on limited activities since shortly after arriving home in December, so we really don't know EXACTLY where his motor skills are.

What we DO know is that the halo doesn't hold him back as much as we'd like! A fall with this thing can be horrible. It sure doesn't seem to bother Axel though. What do you think?

He can vaccuum the car for me. (he LOVES doing this!) 

He can play some soccer. (no running is involved in this version of soccer!)

And even some Lacrosse! 

And he can help Papa pull some weeds.

So I guess life with the halo is bothering Dean and I more than it is Axel. I have a post in progress about the halo questions so many of you have asked. Stay tuned!


Mel said...

Love that last pic!!

Christine said...

Big hugs! What a sweet and resilient boy you have!

alyssa said...

looks like he's doing great with the Halo...unbelievable what you can get used to. How much longer?