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Friday, May 14, 2010

Where's my kid?

Somebody stole my kid and replaced her with a teenager! Who would do such a thing? 

Tonight she went to a teen dance. As we pulled into the parking lot I was given my instructions, "You drop me off. I'll go in by myself." I let her walk in alone and went in a minute behind her to sign her in. I made sure to not talk to her friends, so as not to embarrass her. When one friend came to say hello, I was given "the eye" and told, "Leave now! Go shopping or something."

"Really, you HAVE to take more pictures? You're going to make me LATE for the dance!"

This is the common "exasperated" look. She's trying to think of something cute to do so I'll take one last picture and put the camera away already.

There! Can we go now?


Scarehaircare said...

Already The Love Magnet wants to walk to school by herself, go on playdates by herself, and do most things without Mom hanging around. This post sounds just like what our future will be .

BTW, great outfit for the dance!

JennyH said...

Oh my goodness she is growing up. She is so beautiful. I hope she had fun at her dance and that you didn't embarrass her too much!

Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

Her hair is getting so long! And I have to say...she is looking more and more like her mama the older she gets! And she is beautiful! ;)