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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DS: Yet another connection to Alzheimers

It's been a well documented fact that people with Down syndrome have a higher incidence of Alzheimers. A MUCH higher incidence. Because of that, Alzheimer research focused on the 21st chromosome, since people with DS have an extra copy of of the 21st.

Today it was announced there is another connection. The eyes.

A team of researchers found that a certain toxic protien, which is responsible for a very common type of cataract among people with Down syndrome (including children) is the same protein that causes Alzheimer Disease.

This was really interesting. Angela has small cataracts in each eye which we monitor closely. So far they've just stayed small, but I know a few kids who've had very serious loss of vision because of them. I wonder if they'll find that those who have DS and have these cataracts are more likely to develop Alzheimers as adults?

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