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Monday, May 17, 2010

Perfect and Glorious Day!

There are two places I meet God. One is in the shower (this is strange, I know, but other mothers can identify, I'm sure!) I call the shower my prayer closet/decompression chamber. It's where I do my best thinking and praying. It's where I go to cry when things are tough. It's where God speaks to me. It's where I think of my best ideas! I think it's because its only one of two places where I'm completely ALONE! (well, most of the time, but I digress...)  My friends have often heard me start sentences with, "You know, I was in the shower this morning when I thought of something...." Even Dean says, "The shower is a good place for you."

The other place is on the my bike. The sights, the sounds, the smells, all while flying over the's heaven to me! This morning I planned on spending the day riding with my in-laws. I arrived at their house with a big grin on my face. They asked where I wanted to ride to, "I don't even CARE! I just want to RIDE!"

It felt so good to ride! I've really missed my Nooner! (that's the name of my bike, for those who are new here!) It was a perfect and glorious day here in Minnesota. 70-75*, sunny and...just PERFECT! I did lots of praying on this ride, about all kinds of things. I even planned a couple of events!  Oh, and I redecorated the house AND Ianna's room! All in my head of course. How's that for a productive day?

This week we'll hook up Spank (that's Angela's sidecar) because Saturday is the annual "Ride for Wishes", which is probably THE BEST, and THE most organized ride we attend all summer. Not only that, but it's for an amazing cause! It's to raise funds for two or three specific Make A Wish recipients. Some of you may remember that Angela got to Make Her Wish two years ago. TWO YEARS AGO? Where did the time go? Anyway, I think I'm still coming down from the trip. LOL

So tonight I'll head to bed with my sunburned face....I KNOW, I KNOW! But you'll be happy to know my EYES are not sunburned, because I have a super lovely RACOON sunburn! HA! Maybe tomorrow I'll get a picture for you.

g'night everyone!


Sunnie said...

Amen sista'!!! I meet God in my shower everyday!! It is the best one on one quiet time we get!!!

Alyssa said...

"nooner" and "spank". nice!