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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back in the Saddle

After 6 weeks out of class, I'm back in the learning saddle. I'm only taking two classes this semester, but already in the first week the homework load is killing me. That's mostly due to me taking two condensed classes: meaning 15 weeks of work crammed into 7 1/2. I thought with only 2 classes this would be do-able. Unfortunately I didn't take into consideration the fact one of the classes is Algebra! Yesterday was my first class (3 hours long) where we covered two full chapters, which is due tomorrow. Ummm that is two weeks worth of work people! Wor What was I thinking?

So today I went and changed my class! And, while doing that was reminded WHY I took the condensed class! Oh yeah, I took it because there would only be one week that Angela wouldn't be in school, which means only one week of having to find someone to hang out with her while I'm in class.

It's a coin toss, really. Stress myself out, buried in homework, or stress myself out each week making sure I have someone to watch Angela while I'm at class.

I opted for the latter. And, if worse came to worse, with drive time and everything I'd only be gone two hours. Angela has been learning to stay home by herself for short periods of time, but we've never left her THAT long. I don't really think she's ready for it yet. Two hours is a long time for her to stay busy and not think of something creative and fun to do, like go visit a neighbor or cook, or call China.

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