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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trying not to freak out

I've already talk to Ann,(my good friend who's 5 year old son John just finished 3 years of chemo for ALL) who tried her best to calm my fears. But, I'm still freaking out, and with each additional phone call I make, or keyword search on Google, I get a little more freaked out.

A few days ago Angela started complaining about her hip. She was holding the area at the top of the hip bone, and grinding her teeth. She was crying REAL tears (very unlike her to EVER cry, even during blood draws and stuff) and woke up several times during the night crying in pain. There was no bruising, and she's bearing weight on it just fine. The next morning she seemed ok.

Yesterday she went to school and was fine. However, she came home, went for a short walk with me when she said, "I wanna go home get a drink, and take a nap."

yes....Angela asked to take a nap.

We came home, at without eating dinner, at 5:00, she got herself into her PJ's and went to bed for the night. I woke her up at 9:30 so she could watch herself on TV (another post....sorry).

This morning, after 14 hours of sleep, I DRAGGED her out of bed for school. Once awake she was fine, ate breakfast and went to school. However, they called me at 11:30 (she comes home at 12:30) to say she was begging to go to bed, and complaining about her hip.

At this very moment she's in my bed, crying hysterically because her hip hurts, and she's got the chills from the fever she's running. She got up to get a drink and could barely hold the glass because of the tremmors. I just went in there to try to calm her down but she doesn't want me to touch her.

I'm taking her in, but because her chart is flagged that she needs extra time, I can't get her in until 2:45. That's an hour and a half away, which with her crying and in pain seems more like 3 days away.

I just got off the phone with Ann again. Poor Ann always gets my phone calls when I'm near hysteria. It doesn't help that we're dealing with other major issues right now with Tyler, and that we're supposed to be out of town this weekend for my parent's 50th anniversary.

An hour and a half.....Angela is no longer crying, and is instead moaning in bed. Still won't let me touch her. I don't want to give her Tylenol as it will mask the fever when we go in.

I'm praying for strep or synovirus or something else that doesn't require this level of freaking out but that all of us do anyway when something like this happens.

My internet connection is sporadic right now. If I can't get online to update I'll call Ann and let her do it. Sorry Ann.

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh man. OK we're praying hard!! PLEASE let us know when you know more... call me if you have to!