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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Update: Ok, temp was 102 point something. She is temder around her hip/upper abdomen, but difficult for the dr. to isolate EXACTLY where. She's walking fine on it though. We did a hip xray, and pelvic xray...both fine, although they did see alot of stool in her colon, but not enough or in the right area to warrant the tenderness. We put her on ducolax to clean her out.

Because of her history of UTI's, we did a Urinalysis, and while it had a elevated white count to indicate a slight infection, not enough to warrant the high fever. (and also, Angela doesn't usually run fevers with UTI's, but hey...ya just never know.) Nor the tenderness. We put her on an antibiotic for that. She is NOT tender around her ovaries or appendix (I have this vague memory that she doesn't HAVE an appendix, but I don't remember why I know this. It's possible it was one of my other kids, or that I dreamed it. Although, two of her brothers had theirs out. Who knows???)

Her CBC was only slightly skewed. Of course, the only number I remember was her White count was 8,000, which is within normal ranges. Her platelet count was on the low end of normal. Can't remember what the exact number was...

Anyway, her regular doctor is in a conference today and tomorrow (naturally) but the dr. we saw called her anyway. She said to start the anti's tonight, and come back tomorrow morning and repeat the blood work, and that we may have to repeat it again on Monday.

So that's what I know....tomorrow I'll write down all the numbers so I can remember it once I've walked out the door of the dr's office!


Kathy said...

oh God, Leah. I'm praying.

Kelley said...

Leah, I haven't said hello in awhile, but I check in on you guys everyday. You're on my prayer list each day, but I'll get more specific. Blessings to you.