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Monday, September 15, 2008

Now THAT was a first!

Whenever I have the sidecar out, it ALWAYS gets a lot of looks! It's very common for me to come out of a store to find some guy drooling all over my bike. How could they not? It's SO COOL!

Once, while loading a couple bags into the tub, I noticed a man on the opposite side of the parking lot (about 100 yards away) stop in his track and watch me. I finished what I was doing and looked again, and he was still standing there, car door 1/2 open, just watching. I could practically SEE the drool from where I was. I waved, and hollered for him to "C'mon over and take a look!" He spent about 1/2 hour "looking" at Nooner and Spank and talking sidecars with me. I bet he bought one the next day. LOL

A couple weeks ago Dean and I were out on our bikes and stopped at the drug store. As we were pulling out, I noticed a guy who was just throwing his leg over his own bike, STOP with his leg in mid-air to look at my bike. It was dark, and I was in the middle of the lot, waiting for Dean to back out when the guy came walking over to talk to us. I think we sat there a good 15 minutes answering his questions about my way cool ride.

But today, yes today was a first. At least to my knowledge! I took Angela to her Dr. appt, and on the way home, as we came up to a red light, we pulled behind another car into the left turn lane. To my right, I noticed the car next to us didn't pull all the way up to the line. I turned my head to look, just in time to see Angela waving at the guy as he snapped a picture of us!!! I smiled back, then said, "Hey! That's 5 bucks!" (I was half serious! LOL)

I have to admit that I love the attention. Mostly it causes Angela to be a mini celebrity wherever we go. As she climbs out of the sidecar people are amazed to not only see this lovely young lady, but as she takes off her helmet they're even more surprised to see she has Down Syndrome. (Like..if she has DS she wouldn't be capable of sitting in that thing????) But whatever it is that fascinates them, it causes them to TALK to her. It gives her something to talk about with THEM, and causes smiles all around. It's given her typical peers at school something to be envious of. They are GREEN with envy, and I love every second of it. After all, there are lots of things in THEIR lives that they get to do that she just isn't physically able to do. But riding in a sidecar? How many kids get to do THAT?

So I'm thinking somewhere on a MN blog is a picture of my sidecar taken by some guy sitting at a stoplight. LOL

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