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Friday, September 05, 2008

Call Before You Dig

Ok...I kinda fell off the planet for a couple of days. Well, not really, but it sure FELT like it! You know that whole "Call Before You Dig" thing? Well, we did call, but it was way back in June when we were getting ready to put the new fence in. LOL Anyway, some of the flags were still up in the area we're putting Angela's playset, and we hand dug around those lines. Unfortunately we discovered the hard way that there was a whole BUNDLE of lines (5 individual cables) that were NOT marked, and so they were severed by the bobcat.

It was a long 4 days without ANY services. Just so happened that the timing of this event coincided with my cell phone bill...well....that's a whole other post. (Tink, I'm still dealing with Sprint from the JULY incident!) which left me absolutely 100% disconnected with the world.

The house is clean, every stitch of laundry is done, and life is good. Just in time too, because we got hooked back up yesterday afternoon!

I've started a new, unrelated blog. "Leah's Off The Couch", which is my attempt to do just that...get off the damn couch. Actually I've been doing pretty well, and am now up to walking 3-4 miles several times per week, but this blog is my journey through the Couch to 5K program. Should be interesting!

1 comment:

datri said...

Good luck with your fitness goal!

I find that blogging about stuff like housework & exercise & weight loss really helps me stay on track (even if no one reads it).

OK, so I've only been doing that for the past three days, but I've stayed on track and gotten a lot accomplished in those three days, LOL!