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Friday, August 29, 2008


Four and a half years ago Dean and I re-landscaped the back yard. His twin brother wanted to get married here, and we looked around and decided it needed to get done! There is one area that is heavily shaded and NOTHING grows there except moss, so I designed an area with walkways and lots of hostas. It's a pretty area that we never ever ever use. We intended to put a water feature w/bench in one corner, but it just never happened.

Fast forward to yesterday, and the arrival of Angela's new swing set/climber thingy. We measured out the space we needed (37 x 22 1/2!!!!) in a couple different areas, but they all interfere with our view from the house to the pond. (you know, the pond I hate but is still here!) Dean wasn't happy with that AT ALL!

And then I turned and saw this beautiful area. This picture was taken in the early spring when the hastas are just starting to come up, so they're still small in the picture. Really though, these pictures don't do it justice.
Early spring

Oh, edited to add: Here's the same area later in the summer. Look how SMALL Angela was!!!
Mid summer

This area just happens to be JUST the right size! Not only that, but for my kid who has Anhidrosis (inability to sweat) the fact that it's in full shade ALL DAY LONG means she can play and play without overheating like she would in the full sun in another part of the yard.

Anyway, yesterday I stared the arduous task of ripping it all up. My heart is crying tears, because I love this spot so much. It's lush, and green, and very quiet. As I was removing plants, hoping I wasn't doing the wrong thing, I realized that most of the hastas were ready to be divided, and were becoming unhealthy because they hadn't been yet. I also noticed that one of the varieties really wasn't doing all that well there, compared the same ones planted in a different area of the yard. There are also ferns, which I had transplanted from the woods. Previous years they've been lush and beautiful, but this year they've been trampled by the dogs and are suffering. I think they're going to like their new home better.

I have already removed all of the rock borders, and I have about 1/2 the plants removed, and placed in the location of their new homes. (though they still need to be divided and actually planted.) which I think will look really nice when it's done. It will also (hopefully) deter the dogs from digging under the fence. They're not doing it yet, but they're certainly interested in that area right now! Their noses are constantly under the fence by the woods! I still have to remove all pea rock, and the fabric underlayment, and THEN I have to find someone with a bobcat to come level the area. When all that is done, then we can start building the climber.

Yesterday Angela very eagerly helped remove rocks....for about 10 minutes...That's when she realized, "Oh no! My hands are dirty! LOOK MOM! My hands are DIRTY! I'm going to go wash my hands!!!" (this from the kid who I'm constantly fighting with to get her to wash her hands! LOL)

Well, that's enough of a break for now. Time to get back to digging hastas!

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The Parker Family said...

Can't wait to see a pic of the finished product. I love the arch and walkway!! And Angela does look really small lol!!