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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Open House Update

We walked in the door, and into a crowd of about 1,000 excited 6th graders and their confused parents. We were handed a pack of forms (that actually came in the mail a couple weeks ago too) and we sat down at tables to fill them out. As soon as I sat down there was this ear piercing shrieking noise and alot of movement behind me. It was Angela's classmates from last year coming to say hello to her, and drag her away to meet more screeching friends and new teachers. It left a big smile on my face!

We dropped off the forms at the appropriate tables. Wrote out checks for lunch money, year book, signed up from some stuff I don't even remember, got nabbed by those at the volunteer table and signed my life away, and took school pictures (yet another check. LOL)

While in line for pictures Angela was talking to someone behind me. When I finally paid attention it was my new friend Jennifer. She had contacted me from one of the DS sites last year, and they were thinking about moving to the area, wanted to know about school districts and stuff. Then last spring when they came house hunting we got together for breakfast. Here they were, getting her older son set up for school. Her little guy with DS is a 1st grader and going to the elementary school Angela was at. It was nice to see them, and you might be seeing her here!

Then we hooked up with the lead special ed teacher who will also be Angela's speech teacher. So far I really like her. She didn't talk to me, she mostly talked to Angela in 'big kid talk". I asked her about swim team and she said they have to be in 7th grade, so one more year to work on strokes and stuff. She told me about the adaptive rec program which I didn't even know existed! Sounds like fun. Floor hockey, soccer, softball, etc. all right there after school. Cool! Angela will really enjoy this!

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