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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on the choppers

Angela had her twice yearly dentist visit today. Here's the run-down.

Right side, top of the mouth:
Where Angela recently lost a tooth, and there's no new one visible behind it, there IS on xray, but it's very high up and only the very tip is visible on xray. The dentist said it looks malformed and will likely have to be pulled based on the way it's coming it. However, it's so high up it's going to be a long time before/if it ever comes in.

Right side bottom:
She has one baby molar she hasn't lost yet that does have a new one right behind it. He's surprised it's not loose yet, and that one may have to be pulled so the new one comes in straight.

She has one 12 year molar just coming in, but there isn't any room for it.

Left side top:
Everything looks great! One molar with no adult tooth behind it, but baby tooth is still good and firm.

Left side bottom:
no 12 year molar visible or on xray.
Two baby molars with no adult teeth behind them. So that's 3 teeth together with no baby teeth behind them. They're not very stable, which is probably why she doesn't chew on that side. He said once those teeth become loose we'll put implants in to prevent her bone from breaking down.

No cavities, but serious risk of gum disease because her brushing isn't very good. (thanks to those pesky poor fine motor skills.) Dentist told her "You can brush in the morning, but Mom gets to brush at night." Then he put her on a trickle file where about once a month he'll call and leave a message for her stating the same. Wink

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