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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Raising girls: I'm so lost!

Ok you moms of teens. When did your girls start shaving their legs? I've noticed that Angela's legs are VERY hairy. She has my German blood, after all! Lots of thick, coarse, dark hair! It may not be noticeable to others, but I've noticed the change, for sure. So has she, as she's now comparing her legs to mine. (she comes out better since I have old lady legs. LOL)

Are there any REALLY good electric razors? And her armpits are *just* starting to get hairy, but I've found a razor for that. She's not using it yet though.

The other day she came out of the bathroom reeking of...well...hhmm...she smelled a lot like Dean! Almost like cologne, but not. Hmmm....ahhh yes, it was Dean's deodorant. She does have her own, but doesn't really want anything to do with it. Apparently she saw Deans and decided his was more worth the effort.

Do middle school aged girls like all those locker do-dads for school? Are they into a quick brush of the hair when they make a stop at their locker?

Once in awhile, on the very rare occasion that I put on make-up, I'll put some eye shadow or something on her that's fun. However, she's not allowed to leave the house with it on. It's "just for at home", until she's 13 at which time she can wear lip gloss or something like that to school. Anyway, a couple weeks ago she came out of the bathroom all shimmery. It looked familiar, like my very expensive mineral make-up. Sure enough, my bathroom was COVERED! That stuff is so fine it blows around everywhere. But she didn't stop there. No, because those fancy dancy (read expensive) brushes looked like too much fun, AND they looked a lot like paint brushes! Yep, she got all of them wet and was painting my bathroom with my mineral make-up. Did I mention it's expensive? I think the fact some made it to her face was purely an accident that happened before she got distracted by the painting.

Now, I wish we could find a way to deal with this not wanting to shower business. It's really quite annoying. She IS in the pool several days per week, and I figure chlorine is an all-purpose cleaner so what the heck. But the other days? The kid has to shower! If I could just find the one motivator. I'm thinking I'm going to put together a caddy full of "Angela's stuff" for in the bathroom. Or maybe clean out that one bathroom drawer that just holds stuff nobody uses anymore, and call it hers. Then I'll show her all the really cool stuff, and make a point of telling her "this is the stuff we use after we take showers. So, when you take your showers, you can use all this stuff by yourself." She's very into doing everything by herself, so maybe it'll work. I'll let you know!

You may have read my posts recently, and wonder why I have so many girl questions. Well, you see, I raised a house full of BOYS and they are VERY different. Several years ago my kids and my sisters kids all went to the same school. One year, the night before school pictures, I called my sisters house and could hear her 5 girls bickering in the background. I asked what they were going on about, and my sister said, "Ummm, don't you know, it's school picture day tomorrow? They're fighting over who's wearing what, and how to do their hair."

Wow, I was dumbfounded. I looked at the 4 boys, sitting blank-faced in front of the TV, unaffected by what the next day would hold. I knew that when I got off the phone I would go into their rooms, hand them each what I wanted them to wear for pictures, and that would be the end of it. They could care less. They didn't really start caring about stuff like that until they were in high school, and even then I think only two of them did.

As for me, I have two very distinct memories from middle school, and they involve other kids, not me. I don't remember caring about clothes or how I looked. I probably did, I just don't remember it. I don't remember learning to shave my legs, but I DO remember teaching my neighbor how to do hers when she was in 5th grade, so I'm pretty sure it was right around that time and I felt the need to show off my newfound skills.

Oh that's my list of questions for the day about raising girls.


Syncopa said...

Oh how I wish I had all the answers! My girls are not that old yet - my oldest is 10, and we're already having the "no, you can't wear make-up to school until you're 13" discussion.
What is Angela's favorite thing to do? To eat? To wear? Could you use that to get her to take a shower? "When you've taken a shower, you may...."
Bene likes to shower, but I'm having a hard time (to say the least) to get her to pick up her stuff - her room looks like a tornado hit it every day - and it's driving me crazy. We've tried doing points, but she just loses interest. Any ideas? ;-)

Kathy said...

I don't have ALL the answers, by any means, but I can tell you that Becca got excited about a deodorant just for teenagers, it's from Degree, and the commercials say it's for "those OMG moments", also, she's a hairy critter herself, so several months ago I started buying her veet. It comes with a "razor" - a little squeegee, if you will. It's like Nair. She's not into makeup yet, and I struggle with her wanting to shower daily, too. I just impose my will, or threaten to cut off all her hair for the tangly mess it becomes. lol. Hope some if this helps.