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Monday, August 04, 2008

popping in: what did I miss?

So Dean and I have made a short escape. A little time to reconnect while Angela has the time of her life riding horses and stuff. LOL

My twitter isn't always going through since my phone has intermittent service at best in the sticks. I posted a prayer for my first ex (Noah and Tyler's dad). Back when we first got married, at the age of 24 he had a brain anyerism. (sp) He survived the surgery, but not without significant neurological damage, the worst of which is a severe seizure disorder caused by the buildup of scar tissue. For those familiar with seizures, his are status seizures. For those not familiar, that means his seizures don't stop without medical intervention, and he often stops breathing during them. Up until a couple years ago I was still his emergency contact person and the hospital would call me when he was brought in. He has seized as long as 3 hours before someone has found him. Fortunately he only siezed once a year or so. Sadly, over the last couple of years this has gotten much worse, and he's now seizing several times per week. He has lost contact with the boys and finally contacted a mutual friend to contact them for him. Tyler has been living with Dean and I, and Friday was the first we've heard about this! Anyway, It's my understandint that Kevin will be going through neurosurgery again later this week. Tyler was with him yesterday and was very upset when he called me. He worries about the mental state of his dad, along with the medical issues. Kevin stated several times that "I'm done" and that he wants to "get my house in order, because I'm pulling in both oars and giving up." At 47 years old he is 6'3 and weighs 130 lbs at best. He is a walking skeleton, and his skin is grey. Please, if you can, say a prayer for him. He's very tired.

I also went to check on some kids on a certain site I frequent, and was promptly booted off. I'm hoping this is due to a technical issue and not something more. The people there are family to know who you are...and I'm trying really hard to just wait till I get back to my own computer to find out what's going on!

Well, gotta run. It's been a long day of motorcycling with my parents through Itaska state park, standing in the headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi!

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Tom P. said...

It's nothing on our end. We couldn't stand being without you!!!