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Monday, June 30, 2014

Round 3: Now I know

Normally I get my chemo on a Thursday then 24 hours later get my Neulasta shot. That injection is what keeps my white cell count up so I can fight infections.

But last week I had a little glitch with my gallbladder, causing chemo to be postponed until Friday. That meant I had to wait until today (Monday) for my Neulasta shot. I also got rehydrated.

Interestingly I didn't sleep for the first 4 day after chemo. Instead I've had a hard time sleeping much at all. A couple hours here and there. But today I got that Neulasta shot, and now I know what makes me sick. Its that shot! The bone pain started within 2 hours of the shot (I knew the bone pain was from the shot) and tonight I'm exhausted and running a temp.

I only have one round left. I'd really like to do that round without the shot. Its not like I have another 12 rounds left of counts going up and down. Its my last one. I wasn't feeling too bad until that shot today. I'll talk to my doctor about it when I see her on Thursday.

Thats the update for now. I'm headed to bed and will probably not be online much over the next couple of days. Trying to let my body recover so I can participate in our Nation's holiday this weekend. 


Tigger (aka Karyn) said...

I am hearing you. That neulasta shot always made me crook too and the bone pain was something else. You should be able to skip it unless your oncologist has specific concerns about your immune system. I also found that the meds kept me awake. There were a few of us going through the same chemo at the same time and we used to message each other in the early hours of the morning knowing that others would be awake too LOL. Praise God, you are more than halfway through now!

Imogen said...

Sounds beyond horrible :( Hoping the days go fast for you and that you are able to rest well. Take care and sending hugs

Amy J said...

Glad to hear that you only have one round left! Rest up and enjoy the 4th.

Betsy said...

Sending calming thoughts your way and hope you don't have to have that shot for your last round of chemo! Blessed and Happy 4th of July to you and your family!