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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Park Pics

We have this little park a few blocks away (just out of walking range for a couple of our people). We love to take the kids up there!

Asher is usually hanging on or climbing up something. 
 He has no fear of anything.

Mooooom!!! Take my picture up here!

Axel spent a lot of time trying
to teach Abel how to pump his legs.
Abel is SO CLOSE to doing it himself.

The look when I tell him, "Sorry buddy,
 you have to do it yourself."

Mooommm! Take a picture of me here!

Not really caring for the weird toy on springs.

Angela declared this "The jail". 

Then hollered for Asher to come get her out. 
Asher was game! 

Ummm..what if I want to leave her in there?

Audrey loves the toddler swings.

Unfortunately she is not really a fan of the climbing part.

1 comment:

Tigger (aka Karyn) said...

I love seeing pics of your kids. Talitha loves the park but hasn't quite got the hang of getting herself going on the swing. She is a fan of the toddler swings too having fallen off the others a couple of times.
It looks like a nice park :)