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Friday, June 06, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday!

Happy 18th birthday to The Queen today! 

She arrived a bit earlier than expected at 4 lb 4 oz. and was immediately airlifted to the children's hospital in the middle of tornado weather. That's so typical of Angela! Stir things up a bit just to keep things exciting.

She finally came home from the hospital at 6 weeks old weighing 4 lbs even! I went out and bought a doll that came with 3 dresses so I had some clothes to put her in. LOL Now today, 18 years later, Angela continues to amaze us with her tenacity, her ability to love unconditionally, her sensitive and nurturing heart. When she is done with school she wants to work at the children's hospital in the pre-op area, helping kids not be afraid before surgeries. That's my girl!!!

Happy birthday Angela!

If you wouldn't mind saying a quick prayer for Angela. Her asthma is really bad right now and we're working hard to keep her out of the ER. She's complaining that her chest hurts so I give her two - 3 hours for the steroids to kick in and if that doesn't improve then we go. 


Imogen said...

Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl! May your day be filled with many beautiful and happy moments. I pray the steroids kick in soon as no-one should have to go to the ER on their special day! Get well soon, Angela! xxx ooo

Tigger (aka Karyn) said...

Happy Birthday Angela!!!! Praying you can breathe better soon. Asthma sucks :(

Holly @ Everydays a Hollyday said...

Happy Birthday. Mine has asthma too I totally understand. I'm saying a prayer for her.

Leslie said...

I thought of you and your family today. Work gave me the opportunity to volunteer at the Special Olympics. I had a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

Leah, How is Angela now? Hoping she had a magic Adult Birthday!
Just catching up with your posts earlier this week! Hope the second session was a wee bit easier on you. I know you'll only know over the next week.
I'm off to Mass in a few minutes. I will light a candle for you, and continue to send you love and light this week. You're doing well girl....stay strong!

Love LinMac from Downsyn

Imogen said...

Just came back to add another comment.. Hope all is going as OK as it can for you right now. Knowing chemo is NO picnic in the park, but hoping the side effects are being kind on you. Sending much hugs xx

KT said...

She's a beautiful young lady -- happy birthday to her and I hope she's feeling better!

Bri Herrera said...

Happy birthday to Angela!

Thinking of you lately and wishing you well.