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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Man in the Mirror

When I found out I was going to be loosing my hair I shaved it off. I have control issues, you know. I ordered some fun hats and one ministry sent me a beautiful scarf, which I love. As my hair has fallen out I've discovered I have a terrible memory (gasp) and would often realize I had left the house without bringing any head cover with me.

I also discovered I am SO HOT!!!

No, no. Not "Hot" like I should be in magazines (just the thought makes me laugh) but HOT as in I am constantly sweating. I wouldn't call it  hot flashes, but more like living in the dessert with the sun beating down on me kind of hot. My head is constantly sweating and I just can't stand wearing anything on my head anymore, so I go without.

Yes, that's right! I just go out in the world bald as a cue ball, not really caring what other people think. At least most of the time.

A couple days ago I was in Walmart to get something for the boys. We were in the isle with the water toys when one of the associates asked, "Are you finding everything you need sir?"


I didn't know how to respond so I didn't respond at all.

A few minutes later in the check out line the clerk asked, "And how are you today sir?"


"My day is going GREAT! But I'm a ma'am. Still, its a beautiful day and life is grand!"

He was so apologetic. He felt terrible.

"Don't worry about it. Happens all the time!" I smiled.

Because, in fact, it had happened in my own home!

The other night I was in the bathroom helping Angela with something. I turned to get something out of the linen closet and nearly jumped a bit when I noticed a man standing behind me. Oh! It was my own reflection in the mirror.

Good grief!

Happy Thursday from the chemo chair!


TUC said...

I love your positive attitude. Startled yourself, eh? Funny how we make so many assumptions about gender. Anyway, I have never seen a bald guy as pretty as you.

Tigger (aka Karyn) said...

LOL. That happened to me several times in the supermarket. I couldn't cope with anything on my head at times in the Summer and eventually got used to going about bald. I think you look great bald.:) It is very freeing not having hair. I loved being able to shower in half the time, never having to worry about how my hair looked in the morning etc. I did use a light moisturiser on my scalp because I found it got a little dry.

Ian & Ruby said...

Been there.. done that... startled myself when I saw my reflection in the door!! At least you know your hair will come back.. and it may be better than it was before! In the meantime what a lot of time you save... no washing and conditioning your hair... no bad hair days
.... good luck with the rest of your chemo.

Imogen said...

Sinead O'Connor's got nothing on you!