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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Special Olympics Area Track Meet

Last week was our area track meet for Special Olympics. Angela and Axel were really excited, and Asher got to compete for the first time!

There were a few problems with the meet this year. I don't know if there was a different group running it, but the meet started late, nobody was standing at the finish, nor was it marked so athletes didn't know where the line was.  Because of this, some athlete times were not recorded and others didn't get their awards.

Still the kids had a great time! I'm really thankful that the night before Tyler came into town (he lives about an hour away and doesn't have a car.) so he joined us for the day. In hindsight I don't know how we would have managed the day without his help! Abel still has a hard time with large crowds and there was a lot of running around to be done getting kids to various events!

It was one of the coldest days in May in Minnesota's history. We arrived dressed for WINTER, wearing winter coats, gloves, hats, etc. Later in the day it sleeted hailed. Eventually the sun came out but by then it was time to go home!

We stripped the kids of their winter coats so they could run. 

Watch little Ashie "run" the 50 meter!!! Oh he was so cute!

Axel and Asher getting their awards. This year Axel wasn't happy standing on top of the podium.

Way down there, in the 1st place spot, is Angela. We could hear her whooping and hollering in the stands. LOL

As she does every year, Angela did the long jump. This is the first year she seemed to understand the purpose. Some years she has only jumped 5 inches! This year were her best jumps ever! 

Abel had fun bonding with big brother Tyler. He had so much fun that Tyler was struggling to get Abel down, so two seconds after taking this picture I went to help. Well, Abel was over stimulated by that point, and when I went behind him to lift him down, he threw his body back, catching me in the nose with his head. The impact caused me to see stars and dropped me right to the ground. My four front crowns felt loose (though now they're fine so I think it was just the impact) and the point where my nasal septum joins my upper lip/jaw was broken! Inside my mouth my palate is black and blue and the upper part of my mouth is as well. 

Axel also did the softball throw and Asher did the tennis ball. They both threw really well (Axel's throwing "well" is about 6 meters) and we'll find out their results next week.

In the end, Axel came home with a 1st and 2nd, Asher came home with 4th, Angela brought in a 1st and 7th. We're very proud of our kids! The good outweighs the bad, ALWAYS!!! Thank you God for giving me this day to enjoy five of my kids at once, for brining three boys from the other side of the world, for giving me one amazing daughter to keep me company in the mist of all the maleness, and a partner to share it all with!

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Kathie Brinkman said...

Love that huge grin on Abel's face. My Lord, what a difference a few weeks has made in this child's life.