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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Creative Chaos Awards

Last week was the annual "Creative Chaos Awards" for Angela's broadcasting class at school.
The students in this class spend the year producing several videos, doing research, and learning about the production process. It is Angela's favorite class, and the highlight of the year for all the students is
this award ceremony.

The day is spent with their school "buddies" doing their hair and make up, nails, etc. I wasn't there for that part so I didn't get pictures. :-(

Then they are picked up by a limo and driven to the ceremony.

Here they come! Here they come!

STAR SIGHTING!!! Here's our star, emerging from the limo!!!

This is her good friend C. They have been together in school for the last 5 years. He has been her protector much of that time, and stepping in to help her with things like zipping a coat, or getting her backpack together. He has been a great friend. And, 2 years ago he was the same height as Angela. 

Now a little back story: 

Back in February we had Angela's IEP meeting. We talked a lot about her broadcasting class, since it's her favorite. Her speech teacher runs the broadcasting class and uses it to work on speech goals. (smart guy!) At her IEP meeting he said, "She *really* liked the "All About Me" production work. When we were working on her script she went into great detail. You and Dean give her so many opportunities that many kids who have disabilities never have a chance to experience. Trips, sports, hunting, fishing..."

I interrupted. "Umm excuse me? Hunting?"

"Oh yeah! She told us all about her deer hunting trip, being up in the deer stand, gutting the deer. All that stuff."

It took me a moment to pull my chin off the floor, and then I started laughing. 

"Angela has never been hunting in her life."

Wow, did she have THEM fooled!!! She had so many details, surely this was a real experience! Oh, Angela can tell a story alright! And if you don't know her, or us, or the context, she will totally have you believing her! She is forever telling me about various people and situations and I have to ask, "Is this a person on TV or at school?" But I have to be careful, because it could be a person she saw on TV at school. LOL

So now we're at the award ceremony. There was a wide variety of awards given. Guess who was up for Best "All About Me" video?

Here's her All About Me video. 

The last award given was the Cameron Hooey award. Cameron was one of Angela's classmates.

On April 3rd, Cameron Hooey passed away suddenly. He was 18 years old. The staff at school put together a beautiful montage full of photos and videos of Cameron. Since his funeral was the day before we left for Serbia we weren't able to attend, so we were really glad to be part of this. The Cameron Hooey award will be an award given every year to one of the broadcasting students. His dad accepted the award for him this year, and it was a very emotional end to a great ceremony.

There was some time on the red carpet.

(Dean was hanging onto Abel because people were walking by with food!)

Congratulations to my drama queen and a job well done!!!


Toni said...

That was seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Her video was great and her acceptance speech was awesome.

Heather D said...

LOVE Angela's dress!