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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Last week Abel saw the dentist for the first time. No pictures of this visit because I was know...being a mom. The dentist confirmed what we already knew, have to actually be seen by the real doctor in order to make decisions. LOL Anyway, it was confirmed that he needs several teeth pulled (baby teeth that haven't fallen out on their own or that are rotten enough they need to go.) plus 10 years of plaque and tartar to scrape off. He handled the visit well, letting the dentist count all his teeth (I've never seen a kid with so many teeth!) and do a good cursory exam. The dentist did agree that having him checked for a sub-mucus cleft palate would be a good idea.

Today I had a meeting with Asher's new school! The numbers in our district have been pushed *just enough* that they were able to add another special ed classroom on our side of town. (Last year the wanted to send Asher to a building 15 miles away, which we would not agree to.) I guess the only needed one more special ed student, and...well...we have one. LOL Anyway, today we met with his new teacher, speech and occupational therapists. His current staff was in attendance to so we could go over all his stuff. In addition, Asher's PSA who is fluent in ASL will be moving with him. The cool thing is, Abel will be at this school too!  We're going to be very sad to say goodbye to Asher's staff at his current school. They really have bent over backward to work with this complicated little boy, all of us learning as we go. I just cannot say enough about them. And yet, we're very excited for the change of placement for Asher. The mainstream kindergarten was an excellent place for him this year. He was able to see how typical children play, and most importantly, that they TALK. He learned the routine, and just plain learned about being in the school setting. Unfortunately moving onto a regular ed. 1st grade classroom isn't an appropriate placement for him. He will certainly spend time in the mainstream classroom for things like music, art, etc. but all his academic time will be in the special ed. classroom. He'll also have OT four days a week, ST twice a week, DAPE and music therapy every day. He is going to LOVE school next year!

As soon as we were done with Asher's meeting, Abel's teacher came in to get the scoop on him. I'm so very excited!!! Ms. H. was Angela's teacher for elementary school and I ADORE her. We spent a few minutes talking about Abel, and then went to see her classroom. The boys are in different age groups but will be right next door to one another. I just feel this is going to be an awesome year for both of them!

Later in the day was fun for the other kids, since it was their turn at the dentist! LOL

All three of the kids were in chairs at once. Asher was in the chair in the quiet area where it's a little less scary. He wanted to hold Dean's hand the whole time, but he was great about opening his mouth!

Oh, but then she got a different tool. He was a bit nervous about that.

Angela has a horrible time at the dentist, can't you tell? (she's completely relaxed. LOL) Her biggest problem with the dentist is they have to keep telling her to stop talking!

And then there is Axel with a death grip on the chair. Seriously, he was hanging on like he might fly away if he didn't!

Who's this guy, sitting quietly on the sidelines, minding his own business? This is the BEST we have ever seen him sit! He made sure to stay a safe distance from those dentist chairs and he never moved from this spot!

Aaaand back to Asher in the quiet chair. Notice Dad is holding his hands now. ;-)

Axel does have one cavity, (he'll be having it filled under general anesthesia along with a couple other minor things) and all three kids have plaque problems in the same area, so we are going to come up with a new brushing routine. Hopefully when we go back in Feb. there will be improvement in this area.

Tomorrow's schedule says I'm busy all day. Abel has an assessment in the morning, and Axel and Asher each have two hours of therapy in the afternoon, and then there is track practice after dinner! Busy...I like busy!


Stephanie said...

Your kids did GREAT at the dentist. Owen hates the dentist. I hope that changes because I can't wrestle him much longer!

So, no more Pinewood for you? We are moving to our home school too--that's where the 4's spec. ed. program is located. I'm a little nervous about the change, but I've met with O's new team and I know it will be great.

Are the boys going to a different school because that's where the special education program is for the district? I'm just curious about that and how it will look for our future too. You can email me or PM me on FB if you don't want to reply here.


Leah S. said...

Stephanie, yes this new classroom is where the K's special ed kids on this end of town will go. Granted, that could changed based on numbers next year. I'll pm you.

Becca said...

I am SO impressed with all of your kids!!! We've never been able to get Sammi's teeth cleaned. The most she'll allow is for some careful counting by the dentist, but that's it. Oh, and we brush twice a day at home and she's let me floss her teeth (when I can be bothered to remember...). She'll be having some complex orthodontia in the upcoming months, so I suspect anesthesia will be the way to go. :-(

Elise Linda said...

Hi, my son is ten and has DS. The dentist office is always an experience. A lot of bribing and promising good things if he will only open his mouth. Haha. Elise