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Sunday, May 05, 2013

One Week Home

One week. I can't believe we've been home a whole week, and yet we've been so busy it feels like we've been home a month. This time of year is crazy busy for us, with Angela in Adaptive softball that has two weeks left, and then she and Axel both started Special Olympics softball that just started. The overlap complicates the schedule, plus add in Special Olympics track two nights a week for Angela, Axel and Asher. The only night we don't have anything going on is Weds and every other Friday! Mixed in with our busy schedule is one new little boy who himself is quite busy.

So how is everyone adjusting?

Angela: She's an old hat at this "new brother" business now. She has taken everything in stride. And, just as when we brought home first Axel then Asher, she hasn't altered her routine very much. Originally we thought we would keep the kids home from school a couple days so everyone could adjust, but upon arriving home both Dean and I felt the need to get back to our normal routine. Angela was anxious to go back to school and tell her friends that her new brother was home! When she left for school that morning she made sure I knew Abel should meet her at the bus when she came home in the afternoon. We did just that, and she was thrilled to see him. The first morning at breakfast she wanted to sit right next to Abel, but she soon discovered it wasn't really a good idea since she had food while he was still waiting for his. She has been politely reminding him to keep his hands to himself and "Abel don't touch my juice." Even when he's sitting nicely. LOL Mostly, Angela was glad to have us back, attending her ball games and tucking her in at night.

Axel: When I was gone to complete Asher's adoption, Axel's behavior went downhill, particularly once he realized what was happening. This time Axel was, for the most part, able to keep himself in check. Thankfully those who were keeping the ship afloat at home were really good about not letting him get away with much. This time Axel understood what we were doing, and there would soon be a new brother named Abel sharing their bedroom. He had fun talking with us on Facetime whenever we could manage it with the time difference. Since we've come home he is a bit on the quiet side. We're making a point of giving him a lot of praise and Dean is taking Axel along on guy trips to the store, having Axel help him in the kitchen and things like that. Once we find our groove he will be just fine. He went through this same quiet period when we brought Asher home.

Asher: Ok, Asher was a little turkey while we were gone! He had our caregiver convinced that he he wasn't able to do much by himself. By the time we got home he had "forgotten" how to put his shoes on, how to get dressed/undressed, how to take off his jacket or put it away. He's such a stinker, and an excellent con man. That first morning we were home he layed handed me his shoe and his foot. Ummm...yeah right. We expected some regression while we were gone so no worries. He has relearned most of his skills this week. ;-) Probably the most frustrating thing has been the night-time bedwetting that started while we were gone. I may have to break out that bed alarm. Again, regression that was expected. But adding Abel to the mix has been very interesting too! Suddenly we have virtual twins! These two boys together are trying really hard to communicate with one another. They have both been in the "parallel play" stage, but ready to move into associative play. They have moments where they get some game going (usually involving Abel's block or whatever Asher happens to be dangling) and then move back to times of using one another as objects. When Abel goes along to get Asher off the bus he ALWAYS takes Asher's hand as they walk up the driveway together. Yesterday I took the two boys to Target, each holding one side of the cart. It was kind of fun having these two little guys so developmentally close to one another, each trying to help me put things in the cart (I'm sure this will get old by next week). Asher has also started doing some fun things at the table, like CHEWING!!! I'm not sure which part of having Abel at the table is pushing him to chew, but...WOW!!! Today he ate popcorn! BOTH boys are chewing. It's not great yet, but for Asher we just made about 1 year of progress in a matter of days. I'll take it!

And then there is Abel, who gets his own post. ;-)

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the double dose of blog posts this morning. I'm happy to see Abel is adjusting nicely, with minimal fuss. :o) Love your family.