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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


We're home now. I think its time to move back to blogging over here since this is our family blog and we're now a family!

Here is some video from this morning. As you probably already know, Abel came to us complete with his block (and a spare we have in hiding!) NOBODY touches the block. We have gotten us to play a back and forth game with us. I sign "please", he hands it to me, I sign/say "Thank you!" then he signs "please" and I hand it back to him, he signs "thank you." He's getting better and better at letting me hold onto his block. When he goes to the bathroom I would set it on the counter. Now he prefers to set it there himself.

This morning Abel was playing with his block on one of the dining room chairs. Asher decided to join him.

A bit of history: Asher loves to get people into headlocks, and is very creative about getting people into proper position to grab them, including baiting them into position if necessary. But Abel had a game in mind and he wanted Asher to play with him. I love how he taps Asher on the head with his foot and points to tell him to come back to the game. LOL


Kathie Brinkman said...

oops. can't see the video. comes up "this is private."

DandG said...

Wow, neat motor planning on Asher's part, how he tried to trick Abel. Those two will really spur each other's development, I can see that!

Also, I love the "Family" artwork. So special and beautiful!

e wilson said...

Too cute! How is everyone doing with Jet lag /sleep?

Kathy said...

love it! I can see a future in wrestling for both of them. :o)

rosedel said...

i'm impressed that their boy wrestling didn't end in anyone crying. I have to say that I am happy that Abel was allowed to keep a special toy in the orphanage.