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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I do believe Asher and Abel just had their first conversation!

The setting: boys are getting dressed. Asher has has just stood up after putting on his pants. Abel is still sitting on the floor just hanging out. Keep in mind this conversation took place in American Sign Language without an intervention from me.

Asher (tapping Abel gently on the shoulder.): "Stand up. Music."
Abel- responded to Asher and stood up.
Asher - gives Abel a hug
Abel - pushing Asher away - "brush teeth" (points toward bathroom.)
Asher - laughs, runs toward the bathroom.

I'm thrilled with how these boys get along, but this business of them talking to one another is something I didn't anticipate at this point!! It is SO FUN to watch!


DandG said...

Amazing! They are so so so good for each other!

How is Axel doing with this? Does he resent losing his playmate? Does he join in the fun? Or is he getting closer to Angela, or to you and Dean? Or is he focused on his own stuff and not paying attention?

Leah S. said...

DandG Axel and Asher never really played together. Asher tended to lay on the floor dangling something while watching Axel play. When they did get to interacting it was Axel bossing Asher around. Just this past weekend Axel sat down to roll a ball with Abel, but Abel is a bit to rough and tumble for Axel's taste! Axel is very much a teenager, and the little boys are...well...little boys. Axel largely ignores them. What we HAVE noticed Axel doing a lot of is whining - something I never have nor will I ever be very tolerant of! If someone barely touches him on the couch, he whines like someone pinched him and looks at us to see if he's going to get a reaction. (he doesn't.) Also, Asher is taking advantage of the fact Axel won't stand up for himself and is doing things like laying on him, etc. Axel knows HOW to defend himself because if we're not in the room we hear him doing it, so when this stuff starts we just ignore it. Axel has to speak up and tell Asher to stop or Asher is going to lay all over him. Dean is making a point of doing stuff with Axel, taking him along more on manly-type errands and things like that. Axel is helping me more in the kitchen and being trusted with more responsibility that he is now ready for.

Becca said...

This is great! I bet there will be many, many more conversations between the two of them.

Stephanie said...

How great! Sounds like those two are really hitting it off!